Outside the Dargah, just a short walk through a field, is an abandoned well known as Sona Bai's Well under a huge banyan tree.
Sonabai's Well
A daughter of a Hindu leader, Sona Bai, is said to have told Muntajib al-Din's servant that she would only allow him to draw water at her well if his master could turn the tank's water into gold.
She was making fun of Muntajib's name as giver of gold. However, when her message was relayed, Muntajib told his servant to draw water first and then place his handkerchief in the well to, indeed, turn the water into gold.
Sonabai's Well Closeup
At this display of his power, Sonabai converted to Islam and became a lifelong disciple of Muntajib al-Din.
Banyan Tree Near Well from a Distance
Banyan Tree Closeup
Banyan Tree Near Well

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